My Life is an adventure! 

   I am a wife to an amazing husband. I am a mother to my chubby cheeked superclingy so very loved baby girl. I am also a leader to our youth at my church. I am a friend to many. I am an employee at a hospital in my area. I am a sister to my 7 siblings. I am a couponer (sometimes). I am a lover of the outdoors, road trips, camping, animals, and most of all adventures!! I have always been that person to talk to you in an elevator or compliment you in the hall. I Love people. I am outgoing, friendly, and bold enough to ask the tough questions and call it like I see it. I am also very observant to the world around us and I like to hear how my family and friends view the world. My family has always told me that the stragest things happen to me. It is true. When you start conversations with strangers, you are bound to come out with some doozies. I have always enjoyed telling my stories.  This blog is intended for the purpose of writing about the many strange incidents that happen to me as well as express how I view the world. Enjoy and happy reading.